3 June 2024

Siena, 28 -29 May 2024 – The city of Siena was the setting for two days of extraordinary importance for the olive growing sector, welcoming the States General of National and International Olive Growing and the Advisory Committee of the IOC (International Olive Oil Council) seeing Gennaro Sicolo, President of Italia Olivicola, as Vice President of the international meeting. At the Centro Convegni Italo Calvino, in Piazza del Duomo, took place this prestigious event that brought together experts, producers, scholars and olive enthusiasts. A unique platform has been offered to address key issues such as sustainability, technological innovation, quality and enhancement of national and international olive oil products.

Gennaro Sicolo said:

“These are important days for Italian olive growing with talks that will expose the future planning of national olive cultivation. I thank Undersecretary Sen. Giacomo La Pietra for his closeness to the sector. We need to understand how to deal with climate change and economic operations in the Mediterranean and in the world. Italy must not feel alone as for the question of Xylella”.

The Xylella epidemic continues to progress becoming more and more a danger not only for Apulia and the whole of Italy but also for the other countries of the Mediterranean Basin.

Climate change will require changes in agriculture and water management in order to stabilise production and avoid high costs as in previous years. In addition, new regulations are proposed on MOSH/MOAH and reviewed the issue of the sterol content in Italian monovarietal oils. In fact, he concludes:

“Respect for consumers is paramount, as is their right to consume high quality extra virgin olive oil.”