THE OLIVE CHAIN ​​between quality and sustainability

9 June 2021


Hot topics of the olive production chain will be at the center of the meeting organized by OLIVETI TERRA DI BARI at the “TERRA MAIORUM” Cooperative in Corato.
A rich and prestigious parterre of interventions for the Corato event which marks the restart of our activities.

The meeting will be held starting at 4 pm on Thursday 17 June and will be moderated by the Director of Telenorba Vincenzo MAGISTÀ.

Pino CALDARA – President of the Terra Maiorum Cooperative
Gennaro SICOLO – President of Oliveti Terra Di Bari
Donato PENTASSUGLIA – Councilor for Agriculture of the Puglia Region
Dino SCANAVINO – President of the CIA Italian Farmers
Angelo PETRUZZELLA – Deputy Vice President of Legacoop Agroalimentare
Paolo MARIANI – President of FOOI
Anna CANE – President of the olive oil group Assitol
Benedetto FRACCHIOLLA – President of Finoliva Global Service
Dario STEFANO – President of the EU Politics Commission Senate

It will also be possible to follow the meeting in streaming on our Facebook page.

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